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Let's face it...gorgeous hair is a must have! Right? Do you LOVE your hair, or are you like most girls, you just just try to deal with what nature gave you and envy those with beautiful long tresses? I have good news! You don't have to dream of long beautiful hair anymore. Hooray for clip in hair extensions and halo hair extensions.

I don't know about you but I hate to wait. Being part of the generation of instant gratification, you no longer have to wait to have long sexy hair. Clip in extensions and halo hair extensions give you long beautiful length and the volume and fullness you have always dreamed of. No more waiting! With Remy Clips variety of colors, gram weights, textures, (straight and wavy), you can have a new look everyday with little to no effort! I personally have one clip in hair set that I keep straight for any hairstyle that requires a straight sleek sexy look, and I keep one set of clip on hair for the times I want a curly or wavy look. This keeps my "getting ready" time down to a minimum, and I NEVER have to worry about what I will do with my hair because I now have options. My hair always looks awesome! It's truly a win - win!

Clip in hair extensions and halo hair (if they are remy human hair extensions) can be washed, curled and styled like your own hair. Always keep the heat styling temps low, (350 degrees or less) and go easy on constantly heat styling your clip ins or halo hair and they will last longer. They are easy to put on, (literally takes seconds) and they don't cause damage to your natural hair. There is no commitment if you have days where you don't want to wear your remy hair extensions. (heaven forbid!!!!) So....if you have'nt taken the plunge and invested in clip in hair or halo extensions, I encourage you to jump on in! Once you do, it will change your life and there will be no going back. YOU CAN THANK ME LATER.... ;-)

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As we approach the holidays, more and more clip in extensions and halo hair extensions are putting on their "holiday lights". Darker blondes and brunettes were the most sought after colors for late Summer 2018 and are still going strong into Winter. These dark base colors are perfect for adding popular Balayage highlights, ombre's, and traditional woven in highlights. Clip in hair extensions and halo hair are a safe and easy choice to add beautiful high and lowlights to your hair. By coloring the hair extensions instead of your natural hair, there is no damage to your tresses. We always recommend you use a professional colorist to color treat your clip in extensions. That way you can be sure your human hair extensions are safely colored.

For lighter blondes, #10 Honey, #14 Caramel, and #16 Taffy are still in high demand.This allows for a darker base color which makes super light highlights stand out. Brunettes went a little darker with #1B Espresso, #2 Mocha, and #4 Coffee clip in hair and halo extensions. This coming holiday season designer stylists are already showing off their color skills on celebrity hair by adding some spectacular color treatments to their remy hair extensions. Darker base colors are best to customize highlights and Balayage effects in your clip in hair or halo hair extensions.

No matter if you wear clip in extensions, halo hair extensions or any other remy human hair a darker color base instantly adds lowlights, depth, dimension, and interest to your hair. By using hair extensions, and using a darker base color blended with highlights, your hair will have lots of depth and will look thicker. By adding a dark contrast with clip in hair or halo hair you will be set for the holidays with a sexy new look!

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Calling All Platinum Blondes Who Love Red Wine! And those who don't.

We've all done it... You spilled red wine on your favorite light colored shirt. Maybe at a party you became the guest who was the carpet spiller or accidental couch drencher. That Pottery Barn couch is never going to be quite the same. Wine stains rarely ever come out!

Ladies, if you are a platinum blonde, then listen up... red wine stain is your human hair extension's new best friend! Here at Remy Clips, we are always looking for natural, organic, healthy ways to treat your human hair extensions. So grab a glass of red wine and if you are a platinum blonde we have a great hack for you!

Your New Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions Were Just Delivered....

You ordered your new clip in extensions. You can't wait until they arrive. Finally they are here and you open the package. Your heart sinks...they are light YELLOW!!! Though they may be Platinum blonde clip in hair, they have a slight yellow color that is glaring back at you! What do you do? No problem, grab a bottle of your favorite red wine and relax. Relax you say? How can a girl relax when she just received her new prized human hair extensions and they are YELLOW! Here's how you can get rid of the yellow naturally, and it's 100% non-damaging to your remy clip in hair extensions.

How to tone the yellow naturally


  • Bowl big enough to hold your entire clip on hair extension set

  • 2 bottles of red wine (We are extremely classy and used, "Crane Lake" Red Blend, from Sprouts - $3.99 ea) You can find it at most stores.

  • 1 small TEST SAMPLE piece from your remy clip in hair set - (a 1" weft piece)

  • 1 sink, bathtub, or bucket filled with clean water to rinse the clip in hair out quickly


  1. Take one clip in hair test sample piece of your new slightly YELLOW human hair extensions.

  2. Fill a bowl with 1 cup of red wine.

  3. Take the remy hair test piece and thoroughly wet it in the wine, making sure all of the hair is wet.

  4. Do not soak the hair, just wet it and rinse it in clear cold water until all of the red wine comes out.

  5. Air dry the clip in hair - DO NOT WASH you will do this later.

  6. When your clip in hair is dry, check the hair color to see if enough of the brassy yellow has been removed, if not stain the hair extensions again by repeating steps above.


  • We have only tried this with REMY CLIPS quality, 100% HUMAN hair extensions. We do not claim this will work on other brands. Do a test sample first no matter what clip in or halo hair you use before staining the entire set. Once the hair is stained there is no going back! This will not work on synthetic man made fibers.

  • If you soak the extension hair too long, it may leave a gray cast to the hair. If this is the color you are looking for then cheers! If not, and you only want to remove a slight bit of yellow to make your clip in extensions look more ash or white, then leave the hair in the wine only long enough to wet the hair to "stain it"and then remove it and rinse it clean immediately.

Once you have tested the sample and you are happy with the color, fill the bowl with the rest of the wine. Take one clip in hair piece at a time of your extension set and thoroughly wet each piece the wine. Make sure the hair is thoroughly wet (all the strands are wet). It is too difficult to go back and stain a missed spot. This may lead to uneven color. Once the hair is wet, remove it from the wine and rinse until the water is clear. Air dry, and if you are happy with the color, gently wash the hair with your favorite shampoo, and condition it.

You might have to re-stain your clip in human hair extensions after repeated washings if the stain begins to fade. This non-chemical, all natural method will prolong the life of your remy human hair. This is just another way to protect your investment, make your extensions last longer, and allow your hair extension dollars to go further!

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