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Clip In Hair Grades

Hair Extension Grades

Learn about the different quality grades of clip in hair and halo hair extensions

Remy Hair

1. Virgin hair extensions: Virgin hair is unprocessed hair in raw form. It comes in natural colors only, generally backs to dark browns, European raw hair has lighter colors. This type of extension hair is the most expensive in the world, especially if you can find it in light colors. This is the highest grade of hair so expect to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a bundle of 4 ounce virgin raw hair.  Virgin hair is rarely made into clip in extensions due to the high cost of the hair. This hair is true "remy cuticle hair" and has never been colored, permed, acid washed, or chemically processed. The cuticles are aligned and run in the same direction which makes the hair almost tangle free. Because of it's cost, it is most commonly found in shorter lengths of 14 to 18 inches long, and sold in 70 to 100 gram bundles. Generally, it takes up to 3 - 4 bundles for a full head when doing a weave in application. You can find virgin hair in single drawn and double drawn hair ratios. (more on single and double drawn below). Virgin remy hair can be colored darker and bleached lighter safely and styled like your natural hair. Virgin hair extensions can last up to 2 years or longer with proper care.


2. Remy hair extensions:  Remy human hair extensions are generally made with one or more donor's hair, and is considered a premium high grade hair. This hair type comes with a high price tag, but it lasts longer and performs better than lower priced hair extensions sold today. Like virgin hair the head of the donor is shaved and/or the hair is collected in a ponytail, and cut with natural long and short strands.The hair cuticle is fully intact and aligned, going in the same direction. This type of extension hair starts out as virgin hair, and is the second most sought after hair on the market. True remy hair is usually colored and textured (made straight or wavy) when it is made into clip in hair extensions. This extension hair type is popular for single strand extensions, weft or tape hair extensions, or halo hair extensions. Remy single drawn hair can be colored and styled like your natural hair and lasts up to 2 years with proper care. Most of this hair is sold as a single drawn 40/30/30 hair ratio which means thinner ends. This means that 40% of the extension hair is made up of the longest pieces of hair, the next 30% will be the next shortest hair, and the last 30% of the extension hair is the shortest hair. Double drawn hair will give you thick full ends and will have a higher hair ratio (80/20/20 or 90/5/5). Expect to pay a premium for real remy double drawn hair. 


3. Processed Remy Hair For Clip In Extensions: This extension hair is a average to low quality hair that will last about 3 to 6 months depending on how you care for it. This hair type looks great at first but after a few washings it starts to get dry and tangle. Most popular hair extension companies sell this type of hair in single and double drawn hair ratios. The hair can be darkened most successfully 1 to 2 shades. It is not recommended to overall bleach this type of remy hair because the hair has already been processed chemically for texture and color. Much of this hair has already been chemically treated before it has been cut from the donor. Many popular hair extension companies market this hair as "Remy Hair", but the hair usually has damaged cuticles or the hair has been acid washed to remove the cuticles. This will leave the extensions feeling soft and smooth... at first. A silicone treatment is applied to the hair and after a few washings it will leave the hair less smooth and more prone to tangles.  


4. Remy Blend Hair Extensions: Another trick by  hair extension companies is selling the hair as "blended" remy hair. Blended remy hair extensions have a blend of human hair and man made fibers. Remy hair mixed with synthetic fibers tend to resist hair dye, but you can sometimes successfully stain the man made fibers. Though highlights can be done, the man made fibers might not lighten. Watch for clip in hair extensions that are sold a "Remy Blend" which tells you that the hair is mixed with synthetic or animal hair.  Blended remy hair only be styled with heat styling tools no hotter than about 320 degrees. Take caution to test a small piece of hair so you do not melt the fibers. It is always recommended that you consult with a professional colorist first when coloring any hair. The cost of this type of extension hair varies and is generally less expensive to buy. The performance of the hair is low to average depending on how much you wear it and you care for it.


5. Human Hair Extensions: Processed human hair is a good choice for those who want affordable extensions if you are only wearing them occasionally . The lifespan of this hair grade is about 3 months, if you regularly wear the clip in extensions maybe longer if you don't wear them much. This hair type can be made with part of the cuticle removed and not fully intact or acid washed and stripped of it's cuticle which makes the hair smooth and silky at first. A silicone treatment is applied to the hair when it is made, and once it is washed off, it will leave the hair less smooth and more prone to tangles. Heat styling and cheap styling products will dry the hair out quickly, so you need to minimize both of these to get the most life out of this type of extension hair. You might want to ask before you purchase to see if the cuticle is still 100% aligned and in tact. The cuticle helps hold in moisture to prevent the hair from tangling and drying out prematurely. Consult with a professional colorist first when coloring this grade of hair to advoid damage.



Non Remy Hair  


5. Non Remy Hair Extensions: This type of hair extension has hair strands gathered with cuticles going in different directions, and/or hairs that are processed and stripped of the cuticle. This leaves the hair somewhat smooth, (at first), but it will become brittle and tangle quickly within a few times of wearing and washing. This is non-graded hair, and is often a mix of remy and non remy hair strands, synthetic man made fibers, and sometimes animal hair.  Though these are sold as remy hair extensions, (remember, remy hair is any hair that has the cuticle damaged or not still intact), you may not be getting cuticle aligned remy hair extensions, or 100% human hair extensions. Low grade hair is often hair that has been swept off the floor and collected into bundles. Though it is marketed and sold as Remy Hair Extensions, and may have some remy cuticle hair in it, the hair is mixed with different colors, gray hair, often synthetic fibers, and more often animal hair. This type of hair will also often have a odor to it when it's wet like a wet dog. 


It is common for many popular remy hair extension companies sell this kind of low quality human hair extensions. These types of clip in hair extensions are generally very cheap to buy. Since the life of the hair is short, the hair is less desirable, and costs the hair company less to get. Beware of the promises on this hair type if you want quality long wearing hair extensions. This type of hair is good for those who will be using hair extensions occasionally. It is not recommended for regular use or semi-permanent applications or weaves. 



We advise you to ask the seller how long their hair lasts. Also ask if their hair is remy,100% human cuticle aligned and intact hair before you buy. The general rule is...The lower the price, the least amount of time the hair lasts, the lower the quality!! 



Remy Clips Hair


Remy Clips remy hair extensions are made with100% Select Remy Cuticle Intact Human Hair, not mixed with any animal hair or synthetic man made fibers. Our hair is single drawn, starts as virgin remy hair, and our clip in hair sets are made up of several donor's hair. The cuticles are aligned and the hair is processed into straight or wavy textures, and dyed darker or lightened into one of our beautiful colors.  Remy Clips also offers high gram weights of 100% remy hair extensions at extremely affordable prices.  We know that 4oz or 100 grams of hair is not enough for a full head application. We have designed our lower gram weight hair extensions to blend naturally with those who have fine thin hair and our higher gram weights to blend with those who have thick full hair. 


Remy Clips hair extensions are made with a 60/20/20 hair ratio. This means 60% of the extension is made up of the longest strands, 20% is the next longest, and the next 20% are the shortest strands. Our hair ratio is above industry average, for a natural, full looking ends.


Our remy hair extensions are also made slightly longer than the length you order to allow a little extra length to trim and blend the hair. No other company offers this. We never pre-seal our hair extensions at the factory. Our hair is inspected and trimmed by hand at our shop before it is shipped to you. Our Remy human hair extensions are also pampered in 100% moroccan oil and sealed in a sanitary bag before they are shipped. We have very strict quality control. 


All human hair extensions dry out faster than natural hair once it is cut, processed, and no longer has access to natural oils from the scalp. Remy Clips believes that starting with the healthiest, and freshest cut hair is important to the life of any human hair extensions. Remy Clips gives you beautiful human hair extensions that are shiny, manageable, that can be styled like your own natural hair. Remember, it is still processed (colored and textured) hair,  that needs love and care to maintain it's longevity and beauty. It is recommended that it is only colored darker, no more than 2 or 3 shades difference. We do not recommend overall lifting of the color or bleaching, which can damage the hair. Highlights are safe as long as they are not more than 1 or 2 shades difference. Please consult a professional colorist who is knowledgeable in coloring extensions. The products used to color extension hair is not the same as coloring the hair on your head.

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