Remy Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions Gram Weight Guide

Remy Clips knows that when it comes to hair extensions, the point is to get thick, long, sexy hair!  How much extension hair do I need? Why are so many extension companies selling such small gram weights as "Full Head Sets"? The truth is, these sets might be called "Full Head" extension sets, but the extensions are made with 100 grams (or less) of extension hair. This may be okay for creating a little volume, but it will not create thick full long hair.


When you read hair extension reviews that say "I am so disappointed, these hair extensions have thin, skinny ends!".  They are talking about low gram weight hair extensions. The hair might be 100% remy human hair and be the right length, but if they are not a large enough gram weight you will not get long thick sexy hair!


Here is a guide to human hair extensions gram weight and how to choose which gram weight is right for you. 

Remy Clips 160 grams hair extensions.jpg

160 Grams - 20 Inch Length Length

Remy Clips 220 gram hair extensions.jpg

220 Grams - 20 Inch Length Length

Remy Clips 280 grams hair extensions.jpg

280 Grams - 20 Inch Length Length

For Fine, Thin, or Fragile Hair


  • Use lower gram weights like 100 grams up to 160 grams. These low gram weight hair extensions will give you fullness and volume when added to your existing hair.


  • Low gram weight extension hair is lightweight since they don't contain much hair and will help prevent breakage if your hair is fine or fragile.


  • Add color highlights or lowlights to give the look of depth to make hair look thicker.


  • Lower gram weights, 160 grams or under, will NOT create thick long hair or blend with those who have hair shorter than ear length and for those with thick hair.  















For Average, Semi Thick, And Thick Hair


To create length with volume that is longer than your natural hair, you need large gram weights. 


  • High gram weight hair extensions are used most for those who want long hair that is thick, full, and will blend with their hair.


  • To get thick full ends you will need a minimum of 220 grams up to 280 grams of hair. If you just want a little volume go with a smaller gram weight.


  • To get thick full ends in a 24 inch length, you will need a minimum of 240 up to 320 grams of clip in hair. 


  • Higher gram weights blend best with thick hair and give you the volume you need to create length. It also is easier to blend with your thick ends so you won't see where your naturally thick hair stops and the hair extensions begin.


  • Higher gram weights allow you to cut layers, trim, and blend the extensions to your natural hair, keeping the hair full and thick. You will lose a small amount of volume when you layer. However, higher gram weights will give your stylist some "room" to blend the hair and keep the length thick and full


  • Don't be fooled when you see "full head sets", (in any length), that are less than 200 grams for creating thick, full hair. 100 grams or 3.5oz or 120 grams or 4.2oz of hair will not give you full thick long hair extensions. Research any website that sells bundles of virgin hair, and they will tell you that it takes up to FOUR - 3.5oz bundles of hair (4 x100 grams of hair) for a full head application.


  • The longer the length the larger your gram weight should be if you want thick ends.