Halo Remy Hair

Human Hair Fit Guide

1. Place your Remy Clips Halo Hair extension around your head like a halo. Hold the small bead on the clear thread to adjust the size of the thread around your head. Your human hair halo extensions should sit comfortably on your head. Do not tie off and cut the clear thread yet.

2. Once the clear thread is tightened and you have found a comfortable placement, pull your hair over the top of the halo. Check to make sure it's secure on your head and feels snug but not tight. If you are not happy with the fit, loosen the thread by holding the bead and pull the halo thread gently open and repeat step one. If you like the feel of the placement, gently take the halo off without moving the thread. Hold the two pieces of clear thread tight and slide the bead to the side of the weft. Tie 2 or 3 knots at the elastic loop on the edge of the hair weft. Once the thread is tied, cut off any excess thread.

3. Place your Remy Clips Halo Hair extension back on your head like in step one. Pull your hair over the top of the halo hair. Again the halo should feel snug but not tight. If you think you need extra security you can sew on the clips you received with your order. They can removed later once you are used to the feel of wearing a halo. Style your new halo hair and enjoy!


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