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Remy Clips Textures - Choosing The Right Texture

Remy Clips Hair Textures  

Choosing The Right Texture

Remy Clips realizes not everyone has the same hair type or texture. The key to natural looking human hair extensions, is to match the texture of the extension hair to your natural hair. Do you want a new look or just want to enhance what you already have? Different textures can change your style in seconds.  Remy Clips gives you two textures to choose from. Every one wants beautiful hair! Here are some salon tips to help you find the right remy hair extensions.

Remy human hair extensions
Straight Hair Texture


If your hair is naturally straight, straight hair extensions will blend seamlessly and look natural. Straight textured human hair extensions mimic naturally straight human hair. This means the extension hair will stay pretty straight. Our Remy hair can be colored, curled, and straightened like your own hair, but because it is processed to be straight the hair will always want to return to it’s straight texture. You may need some help with styling gels or mousse to hold a curl for long periods of time. 


Naturally straight human hair is often harder to curl, it tends to lay flat without much volume, usually tangles less, and takes less time to finish into smooth straight styles. This is the most popular texture for human hair extensions! This type of clip in hair and halo hair extensions is the least processed when texturized. That means less chemical processing for healthier stands. That can mean longer life for your Remy hair if you care for them properly.   


We recommend that you do not use excessive heat to curl the hair. Human hair will dry out with too much heat styling. This will reduce the life of your hair extensions! If you want curls on a daily basis, we recommend you try a body wave hair extension. 



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Body Wave Texture


Body Wave is a great choice for those who have waves in their natural hair. Body Wave texture has soft, large waves,  with a loose wave pattern. Body Waves can help to add extra volume to any type hair especially thin, limp hair.

Body Wave human hair extensions are chemically processed into a large loose wave pattern. Our Remy hair extensions can be colored, straightened, or curled like your natural hair. This type of extension hair tends to hold a curl better than straight processed hair extensions.  After washing, the hair will return to it's loose wave pattern, and is popular for vintage, retro, and pin-up  styles.


Our Body Wave Remy human hair texture blends and styles best with hair that has natural body or loose waves, but can also be blended and styled easily with straight hair. 


For information on Remy Clips Hair Care see our  FAQ's  page

Remy human haie extensions. clip in extensions

Remy Clips

Color Matching Silicone Lined Clips


If you want extra "hold" you can add color matching extension snap clips. These lightweight hair extension clips are non-damaging and hold tight to your hair with a silicone strip that does not slip out of fine or soft hair. No need to tease your natural hair at the roots, our snap clips hold tight for a secure fit.

Remy Clips

100% Premium Remy Human Hair


All of our Premium 100% Remy human hair extensions are designed with more long hair strands. The ends of our extensions are full and give you a healthy, natural look. Each extension hair set is easy to apply, and our extensions give you extra volume for thicker, fuller hair. All of our clip in hair extensions and halo hair extensions are made with cuticle aligned and attached hair that are soft and silky and less prone to tangles. 





Thick Full Ends

         Higher Hair Ratio

#1 Jet Black

             220 Grams

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