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How Remy Clips Hair Extensions Are Different

Why Choose Remy Clips?


Remy Clips remy hair extensions are made with100% Select Remy Cuticle Human Hair. Our hair is not mixed with any animal hair or synthetic man made fibers. Our hair is single drawn, starts as virgin remy hair, and all of our extension hair sets are made with the cuticles aligned, (going in the same direction), and intact, (not damaged or removed), to give you soft, silky, smooth hair.  

All of our remy hair extensions are also made slightly longer than the length you order to allow a little extra length to trim and blend the hair. This also allows you to trim the hair if it ever needs it without losing your the length. No other company offers this.


We never pre-seal our hair extensions in the bag at the factory. Every hair extension set is inspected and trimmed by hand at our shop before the hair shipped to you. We have very strict quality control. Our Remy human hair extensions are also pampered and treated with 100% moroccan oil and then sealed in a sanitary bag before they are shipped. This gives the hair an extra layer of protection that is absorbed into the hair strands for extra softness and shine.


Remy Clips also offers some of the highest gram weights in the industry at very affordable prices.  We know that 4oz or 100 grams of hair is not enough for a average full head application. We have designed our lower gram weight hair extensions to blend naturally with those who have fine thin hair. Our higher gram weight extensions blend with those who have thick full hair.


Remy Clips human hair extensions are made with a 60/20/20 hair ratio. This means 60% of the extension is made up of the longest strands, 20% is the next longest, and the last 20% are the shortest strands. Our hair ratio is above industry average for natural full looking ends. Our halo extensions are even thicker. 

Remy Clips offers color samples of our beautiful remy human hair. You can see all of our colors at home before you buy our hair extensions. We have 11 gorgeous colors to choose from. This helps take the guess work out of what color to buy so you can order with confidence. 

Lastly, we have incredible customer service and knowledgeable customer service representatives to answer all your questions. Our friendly staff include certified extensionist and cosmetologist that all wear Remy Clips hair extensions. 

Remy Clips Hair extensions
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