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Halo Hair Extensions

Luxury Remy Hair Extensions, Grade 6A

100% Human Hair, Cuticle Intact And Aligned


Starting at $149.00


  • Halo Hair Extensions - Clear Thread You Wear Like A Halo

  • 100, 160, 220, & 280 Gram Sets

  • 18 & 20 Inch Length

  • High Hair Ratio For Full Thick Ends

  • Straight and Body Wave

  • Premium Soft, Silky Hair - Grade 6A

  • 10 Gorgeous Hair Colors To Choose From

Remy Clips Halo Hair Extension is a single weft, on an invisible thread, that sits like a "Halo" under your natural hair. Our Halos can be colored, washed and heat styled, just like your own hair.  With proper care your halo will last for 9 months to 1 year.





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Halo Hair is a single weft

on a invisible thread sits

under your hair like a halo.

human hair extensions

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