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Remy Clips Remy Human Hair  Extensions

Length Chart

Texture Length


This chart will help you choose which texture and length is right for you when choosing clip in hair extensions or halo hair extensions. Length will vary slightly depending on how high or low you place your hair extensions on your head. The two textures below both measure 24 inches long when the hair is pulled straight. As you can see, wavy hair loses some length due to the curl. 

Remy Clips Human Hair Extensions Remy human hair extensions
Remy Clips Human Hair Extensions

24 Inches Long - Straight                                                  24 Inches Long - Body Wave                       

Tips To Choose Extension Length By Gram Weight

For Lengths That Match Your Natural Hair Length

If you are matching your natural hair length and want to create volume:

    •    Used most for those with fine, thin hair to make hair look fuller.

    •    Used to get volume for full and thick up-do's and hairstyles for special occasions. 

    •    Perfect for a low gram weight sets of 120 grams or 160 grams of hair.

    •    Used to add highlights or lowlights to natural hair.

  • Lower gram weights, under 160 grams, are NOT recommended solely to create length, 
especially for hair shorter than ear length and those with thick hair. See our Gram Weight Guide.  



To Create Length That Is Longer Than Your Natural Hair 

Length that is longer than your natural hair is created by adding volume in the form of gram weight.

  • For fine/thin hair you will need a minimum gram weight of 160 grams of hair to create natural looking 20 inch length hair extensions. 100 grams is generally not enough extensions hair to create full length, and will only give you a little fullness and volume. If you are trying to create 24 inch length clip in hair, 180 grams will work well with fine/thin hair and be lightweight to minimize breakage. See our Gram Weight Guide.

  • For average hair 160 to 220 grams of remy hair will give you desired length and fullness. Our most popular clip in extensions and halo hair extensions gram weight is 220 grams in a 20 inch length. For a 24 inch length clip in hair, 240 grams of extension hair up to 320 grams will give you thick full hair. The longer the clip in extensions are the more hair you will need to get thick long hair all the way to the ends. See our Gram Weight Guide.

  • For Thick Hair you will need higher gram weights like 280 grams or 300 grams for a 18 or 20 inch length. For our 24 inch length Remy hair extensions, you will need 240 grams to 320 grams .
 Lower gram weight hair extensions will not give you full thick ends.

  • Higher gram weights allow you to cut layers in your human hair extensions, and trim, style and blend the extensions to your natural hair. Higher gram weights keep the hair full and thick when styled or cut and will give your stylist some "room" to blend the hair and keep the length thick and full.
 See our Gram Weight Guide.

  • Don't be fooled when you see "full head sets", (in any length), less than 200 grams for creating thick, full hair in a 20 or 24 inch length. 100 grams of extension hair or 3.5oz or 120 grams or 4.2oz of hair will not give you thick long length unless you have super thin hair. Research any website that sells bundles of remy virgin hair extensions,  and they will tell you that it takes up to 4 - 3.5oz bundles of human hair for a full head application.


To find out which gram weight is best for your hair type, and to learn how gram weight is used read our Gram Weight Guide.

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