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7 Common Ways Hair Gets Damaged

7 Common Ways Clip in Hair Gets Damaged

Part 1

Every woman wants long beautiful hair. The truth is, there are may factors that contribute to hair growth or lack of it. Childbirth, illness, and diet are just a few of the reasons hair growth slows or falls out. In this two part series, let's take a look at some of the most common reasons your natural hair and extension hair gets damaged, and how to prevent it.

7 Damaging Effects on Clip on Human Hair.

1.) Your natural human hair and your remy hair extensions faces numerous "stresses" everyday.

2.) We tend to put a LOT of chemicals on our natural hair, our scalps, and our clip in hair extensions by washing, conditioning, styling aides, and other.

3.) You brush your hair all kinds of wrong!

4.) Environmental wear and tear is a real thing. Really!

5.) Too much fun in the sun is not good for your clip in remy hair.

6.) Too much chlorine, I am not just talking pool water here.

7.) Color processing your hair or your clip in hair.

Let's go into some detail on the first 3 damaging effects and what you can do about them.

#1 Daily Stresses

Hair up, hair down, ponytails, bobby pins, knots, pulling on tangles, smokey environments, cold dry air, hot dry air, pollution, ultra violet light, dirt and dust particles, chemical residue... yes there are more and all of these things play a part in the health of your hair. EVERYTHING you put in your body or that is absorbed into your body will reflect in your hair health. Your diet plays a large part in hair health, without the right amount of vitamins and minerals your hair and nails will suffer. This also applies to your remy human hair extensions. Clip in hair, halo hair, or any other remy hair extension need to stay healthy buy treating the hair with moisture and protecting it from heat. There are many factors to consider when it comes to hair health.

#2 Chemicals

We live in a world of conveniences with hair dye in a box, gel, hair spray, glossers, styling aides to smooth damaged hair, smoothing and repair oils, damage repair shampoos and damage moisturizing conditioners, and other "fix the damage instantly" products. Why are we constantly trying to repair our hair?? A LOT of these conveniences are actually toxic. These toxic chemicals build up and often lead to disease and other side effects that also affect your hair. One of the side effects of popular hair products is, the products you use to help your hair grow and repair your hair does exactly the opposite. These harsh chemicals over time will cause build up and damage. The best thing you can do is to start using organic products that promote hair grown, scalp health, and are much more safe and will nourish your hair. Chemicals will dry and break down the protein in your clip in hair extensions too. The hair extensions soon become brittle and lifeless. Natural products will extend the life of your remy human hair extensions.

#3 Brushing Your Hair And Your Clip In Hair Extensions

Your natural hair and your human hair extensions are a organic product, made with protein and they need love and care when you brush them. The cuticles (remy cuticle hair) naturally sit tight against the strand to protect the strand from damage. We often damage our "hair saving cuticles" by aggressive brushing and not taking time to untangle the hair to smooth it first. This causes breakage and split ends especially for clip in hair or halo hair extensions. On average we lose about 500 hairs a day, but when you factor in brushing and breakage, we lose even more of our remy human hair. One simple way to prevent breakage to our natural hair and clip in hair extensions is to use an organic or natural de-tangler before brushing. Always start gently at the ends and work your way up to smooth your natural hair, as well as your remy hair extensions. You can use a "wet brush" or "loop brush". These brushes are designed for human hair extensions. They do not pull on the hair and have very flexible bristles that "give" or "flex" if there is resistance due to tangles in the hair extension. This will work with remy hair extensions as well as the hair on your head.

Part Two Continued on Feb 5, 2016

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