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7 Common Ways Hair Gets Damaged

7 Common Ways Human Clip In Hair Gets Damaged

Part 2

Last time we covered the first 3 ways our clip in hair extensions get damaged on a regular basis. Let's continue to explore the next 4 ways clip on hair gets damaged. Here is the refresher list of 7 ways we damage our hair.

7 Damaging Effects on Human Hair Extensions. 1.) Your natural human hair faces numerous "stresses" everyday, and so do your extensions when you wear them.

2.) We tend to put a LOT of chemicals on our hair, scalp, and remy hair extensions with washing, conditioning, styling aides, the way we brush our hair, etc.

3.) You brush your hair all kinds of wrong!

4.) Environmental wear and tear is a real thing. Really!

5.) Too much fun in the sun. Extension hair can only take so much!

6.) Too much salt and chlorine. I am not just talking pool water here.

7.) Color processing.

Let's go into some detail on the next 4 damaging effects and what you can do about them.

#4 Environmental Damage

Did you know that human hair reacts to toxins in our environment? Air pollution, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, heated perfumes in burning candles and air fresheners, salt water, and a list of other contaminants, toxins and carcinogens. Human hair (on your head) and your clip in hair extensions absorb a lot of these toxins and they can build up and damage the cuticles. This will make natural hair or clip in hair brittle, lose it's luster and shine, and eventually break. Protecting your clip in hair, halo hair or your natural hair with soothing oils or moisture serums helps to fill micro breaks, split ends, and damaged cuticles on the hair shaft. When human hair has flat healthy cuticles it retains it's moisture, it is more flexible and strong, and silky. Dry brittle hair is less pliable, loses it's shine, and breaks easier. Quality oils like the natural oils from our scalp, act like a barrier to protect human hair and retains moisture. With human hair extensions once the hair is cut, it no longer has access to the necessary oils it needs to keep in moisture and elasticity. To help protect and keep your natural hair, your clip in hair, halo hair, or any remy human hair product soft and silky, you need to retain the moisture in the hair strands. Oils and moisture serums will act as an invisible barrier to lock in moisture and lock out damaging toxins.

#5 Sun Damage

If you have to wear sun screen to protect your skin from damaging effects, then what do you think the sun is doing to your clip in hair or halo hair? The sun weakens your remy extension hair’s protein structure, de-moisturizes it and reduces elasticity so extension hair breaks more easily. Sun will also burn your remy hair extensions which are already a bit fragile. Though you might not see the damage, the hair not only dries out, but exposure to the sun will alter the color of your human hair extensions. To help protect your human hair extensions from sun damage, you can apply a conditioning hair mask containing SPF, wear a hat, or stay in the shade. Be sure to add extra product to the ends of your hair, especially if it is below shoulder length. Your ends are more prone to damage simply because they’re the most exposed part of the hair.

#6 Salt Water and Chlorine

Salt and chlorinated water can discolor and dry your clip on hair. An occasional dip in the pool is not a problem, but to protect your human hair extensions it is recommended that you rinse your hair soon afterwards. To prevent damage to your hair when swimming in the ocean or pool, wear a protective conditioning mask and reapply afterwards, just like you would with sunscreen. If you have access to distilled water, wash or rinse your hair after swimming in salt or chlorinated water. Since tap water has chlorine in it, distilled water is the best choice for washing your clip in extensions, halo hair extensions, or any remy hair or human hair extensions product. Distilled water is free from chemicals that in time will damage your hair extensions.

#7 Color Damage

The number one way to permanently damage your clip in extensions is by coloring them with box colors and bleaching. What is a "box color"? It is any hair color product that comes with developer and color in a box. This type of color can be bought at any drug store, big box store, and sometimes at your local beauty supply. The chemicals in these coloring agents are harsh and abrasive, made to get the job done fast, with no concern about the damage it does to the extension hair. You should always have a salon professional bleach remy extension hair. Bleach will always damage to already chemically processed extension hair. If you need light hair, like ombre ends, or highlights, then get extensions in the light highlight color you need and dye the rest of the clip in extension hair darker. Extension hair is already color processed so you need to minimize further processing to protect from damage and prolong the life of the hair. There is no way around it, if you want to have beautiful hair you need to baby it. This includes your remy human hair extensions. Your hair is one of the first thing people see, take good care of it and you will make a head turning impression.

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