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Why Wait For Your Hair To Grow Out?

I did it, I'm a sucker, I fell for the celebrity bob cut! It's true, I caved I think because I was so bored during the Covid-19 shutdown! With no end in sight to my isolation, I was desperate for some change in life so I ventured where no scissor has gone before. I cut my hair short. No really short! My hair was almost down to my waist, but I convinced myself it would be easier to manage if it was short. After all, I could grow it out later...right? HUGE MISTAKE!

Like the song says...,"the first cut is the deepest", well they weren't lying. As soon as I made that first cut, I instantly knew I had made a mistake. There was no going back now, no way to hide it, I had just committed to years of short hair that would take FOREVER to grow out.

When it was all cut and done, I kinda liked it at first. When your hair is short you can't create quite as many styles, but you can do a few. I'm not gonna lie, it was weird putting my hand through my hair to find no hair past my shoulders. I missed the security of all that long mermaid hair falling around me. With my hair long I could get up in the morning and put it all on the top of my head. Not anymore! When it was hot, and wanted it off my neck, I had to make short little ponytails because it was too short to put in a bun. To me the only way it looked halfway decent was when I wore it down. So a "down do" was my go to. I go tired of that super fast.

Well I guess it's a good thing I work at Remy Clips. When you work for a hair extension company, you don't have to settle for short hair. I have worn extensions before, and they helped me to grow my hair out. Since clip in hair or halo hair extensions help protect your natural strands from wear and tear, it helps your hair to grow. Clip in hair extensions have always been my go to. With the flexibility of only wearing them occasionally or every day, it's a great choice for most women.

When I put in my new set of Remy hair extensions, I was pretty happy to have long beautiful hair again! I instantly had the choice of creating a lot different hairstyles. I thought I would just wear them once in a while, but I ended up wearing them every day. I just LOVE long hair.

Since the BIG CUT, my hair has only grown about 1 and 1/2 inches. It's gonna take a few years to grow it long again. While I wait, I have my Remy Clips 100% human hair extensions. They look very natural, it's like I never cut my hair. I encourage you if you are in transition waiting for your hair to grow out, get Remy Clips clip in Remy human hair extensions or Remy Clips halo hair. Why wait to have long beautiful natural looking hair when you can have it NOW? Trust me you won't regret it!



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